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Instructors: M Tanveer Nandla

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Welcome to SEBT Prime, a complete SEO, Blogging, Freelancing, Event Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing Training.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Onboard
How Web Works (Detailed & Easy Explanation)
How Search Engines Works (An Insight)
HTML - Part 2
Niche Reseach & Keyword Research
HTML/CSS QnA + Introduction to Niche research
Niche Research tools and basic settings
Niche Ideas - Evergreen Niches for successful blog - Mehthod 1
User intent understanding and Niche research Concepts
Niche Research Method 2: By Ahrefs & MOZ
Niche Research Method 2: QnA
Niche Research Method 3: Reverse Engineering by MOZ & Ahrefs
Niche Research Method 4: From recently sold websites
Niche Research Method 5: Profitable APK Niche Research
Apk Niche Research + Adsense Niche ideas (Latest)
Niceh Research Method 6: Batch Mate Strategy
Niche research method 7: By SIMILARWEB
Batch Mate Strategy (Latest)
Batch Mate Strategy QnA (latest)
Keyword Research (Content Coverage)
Content Coverage via tools (Ahrefs)
Content Coverage Via Manual analysis (Google Instant)
Starting a Project Practically (Planning)
Starting project practically with proper planning
Content Writing & Analysis
Content Writing
Content Writing Discussion - Adsense sites
Content Writing for Affiliate / Review Websites
APK Keywords
Analyse Content with NLP API Google Cloud
Writing Q&A and General Discussion
Freelancing (Sell Skills On Freelancing Platform)
Fiverr A to Z
Fiverr - Creating profile and gig
Freelancing Proposal writing for Upwork, Fiverr & others
Upwork Basic to Advance
Upwork Mystery (Become Pro Upwork Freelancer) - Skill Included
Newbie road map
Domain - Hosting - SSL - Wordpress
Cloudflare Basic settings and WP installation
WP Settings (Structure, Plugins, Themes)
Theme Setups & Plugins Installation
Onpage SEO & Content Presentation
WordPress post designing with Gutenberg Editor (Quick & Easy)
In-depth OnPage SEO Check List & Expandable Domain Names
APK Site Setup with Onpage SEO
Introduction to Graphic Designing for SEOs (Inforgraphics)
Onpage Design issues + Featured images + Affiliate elements
Homepage Designing
Technical SEO & Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals & Speed Optimization
Technical SEO (Part 1)
Technical SEO (Part 2)
Technical SEO (Part 3) Schema & Structured Data
Case Study
Case Study - Content coverage
Ideas for Data Scraping Sites - Discussion and Roadmap
Data scraping for tool sites (Debate & Ideas)
Site Audit
Site Audit Introduction
Get unique product images (Part 6)
Static Pages (Part 5)
Interlinking (Part 4)
Part 3
Yoast Settings
Part 1
Off-Page SEO
Basics of Off-Page SEO (Backlinks)
Off-Page SEO (Branding)
OffPage Concepts & Logics
QnA + Ultimate Guide on Topical Authority for your website
Offpage SEO Traditional mehtod with logics and concepts (Discussion)
Softrank Strategy
Softrank Strategy (Part 1)
Softrank Strategy (Part 2)
Softrank Data
Backlinks via Manual Outreaching (Part 1)
Outreaching Prospects for FREE links
Nandla Strategy
Rank Hack Strategy
Rank hack strategy (Part 1)
Rank Hack Strategy (Part 2)
Monetization Methods
Adsense Monetization
Amazon Affiliate Account Creation
PBN (Private Blog Network) A to Z
PBN Mastery Part 1
PBN Mastery Part 2
Event Blogging
Event Blogging (Part 1)
Event Blogging (Part 2)
Local SEO
Local SEO Session
Themes / Plugins 2022
wp-rocket.3.13.2 (13-5-2023)
English Lectures
English Lecture 1
English Lecture 2
English Lecture 3
English Lecture 4
English Lecture 5
English Lecture 6
English Lecture 7
English Lecture 8
English Lecture 9
English Lecture 10
How to use iSkills Prime Support
CPA by Awais Ali
Fiverr update by Umair
Google Ads Complete Course
Google Ads Detailed Overview
Google Ads Complete Interface Overview
Google Ads with Live Case Study
Google Ads Part 01
Google Ads Part 02
Google Ads Part 03
Google Ads Part 04
Google Ads Part 05
Google Ads Part 06
Advance Affiliate Elements
SEBT X Lectures
Module 1: Niche Research
HTML / CSS + Niche Research Basics
Niche Research Tools
What are the Types of Niches
Niche Selection Criteria
How To Find Affiliate Niches
Informative Niches & APK Niches Research
Find Niches With Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Find a Profitable Affiliate Niches
Niches to Avoid
Niche Research Conclude
How To Find Tool Based & Courier Niches
How To Find Digital Products
Keyword Research Jugards
Module 2: Content Coverage & Planning
Content Coverage Guide
Keyword Research & Grouping
Affiliate Content Coverage By Sami Ahmad
Domain Selection & Apk Content Coverage
Apk Content Coverage + QnA
Final Apk Content Coverage
Informational Niches Content Coverage
Module 3: Content Writing
Write Content for Amazon Affiliate Part 01
Competitor Content Analysis
Most Important Things About Content Writing
Content Writing Format For Beginners
Write Content for Amazon Affiliate Part 02
Importance of Content Writing
Content Writing By Ammar Part 1
Content Writing By Ammar Part 2
Content Writing By Ammar part 3
Module 4: WordPress
WordPress Introduction & Installation
Website Setup & Kadence Intro
Domain & Hosting Registration
Header & Footer Customization
WordPress Post Design
Apk Home Page Design
Affiliate Home Page Design
Wordpress QnA
Responsive/ Sidebar Setting & Use Of Css
Home Page Design Suggestions
Module 5: Freelancing
Fiverr Basics
How to Find Low Competition Keywords
Fiverr Account & Gig Creation
Fiverr Gig Ranking Tips & Tricks
Upwork Basic to Advanced
SEO Audit By Khuram Malik
SEO Audit Raw File
QnA Upwork & SEO Audit
Module 6: OnPage SEO
OnPage SEO-Step-by-Step Guide
404 Page Solution & Rank Math Settings
Heading optimization & Post Design
Non-WordPress Website Onpage
Title Optimization & Meta Description
Yoast SEO Settings
Interlink & Outbound Link
Apk Onpage by Aswad
Apk Download Link Setup By Aswad
Module 7: Technical SEO
Schema Essentials
Wp-Rocket Setup
Core Web Vitals
Practices to Speed Up Your Website
Custom Web Speed Optimization
Schema Analysis
GSC Error
Module 8: Off-Page SEO
Intro to Off-Page
Off-Page by Aswad Baloch
Off-Page/Link Building
Outreach By Sayfullah Khan Part 01
Outreach By Sayfullah Khan Part 02
Off-Page/Competitor Analysis
Guest Post & Niche Edit By Faheem Akhtar
Nandla Strategy
HARO Link Building Strategy
HARO Pitch Template
Rankhack Strategy
Module 9: Local SEO
Introduction of Local SEO
Website Analysis
Local SEO-QnA
iSkills SEO Checklists
iSkills SEO Audit Checklists v1.0
iSkills Website SEO Health Checklist v1.0
iSkills OnPage SEO Checklist v1.0
Event Blogging
Case Study By Shanawar Aslam
Ranking Factors
What to do after Larning Skill
Domain Selection
Unterstand Youtube Growth
Apk Adsense Approval
Tool Website Setup & Q&A
Ecom Site Theoretical Intro
Ecom Brief Setup with on-page & off-page
Softrank Strategy
Softrank Strategy Introduction
Softrank Question & Answers
Advance Calculator App
Chrome Extension Uploading
Gradle and Sync Issue in Android Studio
Huaweii App Uploading Method
More App Submissions
Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft Extension Uploading Method
Softrank Strategy Notes
Advance Calculator
Web View App

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